All of these have done well for me in the past. I will try to sort them out by type, and give a quick blurb about what they offer.



Offers a wonderful backup program that allows for online and local backups. The online service is paid, but worth it.

Amazon Web Services

Both their EC2 (virtual servers) and S3(storage) services are great performing, very flexible, and can be very inexpensive.

Google Cloud Platform

Cheaper, and more sane billing than AWS, not as many product offerings, but enjoyable to use for servers, storage, dns, and networking.

Google Apps

Easiest way to get email for your company, and has some of the best features on the market.


Lets you track and recover stolen or lost laptops, desktops, and android phones for free. Can also lock and turn on an audible alarm on a lost phone.


Sell electronics, but offers the biggest selection, the best searching, and honest user reviews. Excellent customer service as well.




Flexible, free and fast CMS. Powers this website, but can be more difficult to operate than some alternatives.


Free, fast, and stable linux OS. I use Ubuntu (and occasionally it’s father Debian) on both my desktop and on my web server, and it’s equally suited for both. My favorite distribution.


Secure and annonymize your internet traffic, routes your browsing history through several rotating nodes to make sure that nobody can track your browsing. I use it to test newly deployed firewall rules from outside my network.



Inexpensive, feature rich, easy to manage wireless access points and bridges. They also make affordable and high performance wired networking gear, and are branching out into firewalls as well.

X Steel Targets

Great targets, good selection, and fair pricing.

Freedom Munitions

High quality, affordably priced, american made ammunition. I buy all my center fire practice ammo from them now.

Underwood Ammo

Excellent high performance self defense and hunting ammo.