Lone Wolf Dist Glock 20 40 S&W Conversion Barrel Review

Several months ago, I bought a Glock 20 Gen 4 (review to follow). I wanted a more powerful handgun, but a big part of the reason I went with the Glock was the availability of aftermarket parts, including caliber conversion barrels, so that I could practice with a cheaper ammo on a regular basis, and throw in the 10mm barrel when I wanted to take it out for some serious work.
Because of the ability to use the same magazines, and the fact that I already have lots of 40 S&W, I wanted to get a conversion barrel in that caliber. After doing some research, I decided to go with Lone Wolf stock length conversion barrel.
The product itself has been great, fine accuracy, fit is excellent, and function has been 100% so far, but this is a comment more about the company:

When I first ordered the product, it was back ordered, with an estimated delivery date of 4 weeks. I ordered it, and on week 5, inquired via email what the status was. I was told it was going to be another 3-4 weeks. 4 weeks passed, I didn't hear anything, and I inquired again. I was given a more detailed response this time, but was told that it was now an additional 8 weeks. I wasn't terribly happy about this, and asked why it’s up to me to repeatedly check in on the status of my order, when it’s delayed on their end. I never got a response.

At about the 8 week mark from the last contact, I got a shipment email, and actually got the barrel. It’s been great so far, but I guess in the future, I wouldn't order a product from Lone Wolf that wasn't in stock, as it was far from a good experience, and it ended up lasting a bit over 5 months from the time I ordered it, till when I received it.



please can you help me ?
I have a glock .40 and I'ld like to convert it to 9mm
what is the simplest and cheapest way ?
thank you a lot


What model?

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