Backing up with S3CMD

I had some issues with S3FS that prompted me to look into alternatives. I found S3CMD, and I'm very happy with it so far. The operation is a bit different but there was minimal effort required to change over my backups to using S3CMD instead of locally mounted Amazon S3 buckets with S3FS.

First, S3CMD doesn't mount buckets to the local file system, once setup, it lets you read and write to buckets in a way similar to rsyncing to a remote computer.

First, install S3CMD

Lone Wolf Dist Glock 20 40 S&W Conversion Barrel Review

Several months ago, I bought a Glock 20 Gen 4 (review to follow). I wanted a more powerful handgun, but a big part of the reason I went with the Glock was the availability of aftermarket parts, including caliber conversion barrels, so that I could practice with a cheaper ammo on a regular basis, and throw in the 10mm barrel when I wanted to take it out for some serious work.

M&P Shield 40 Review

I really enjoyed shooting my SR40C, but was never particularly accurate with it. I was at the range with it the other day, and on a whim traded it in on a M&P Shield in 40 S&W. We already had a Shield in 9mm (that my wife stole from me), and I really liked it, so I figured it would be a good choice.

Ruger SR40C

Several months ago, I decided that I needed a somewhat smaller carry gun that my full size sr9. This happened to coincide with the ammo shortage, and subsequently, I was looking to branch out from 9mm. 40 s&w was the logical choice, as it’s about the same cost as 9mm (though the ammo shortage it was more available), and it fits in the same class of guns.

I really liked the SR9 I already had, and it led me to pick the SR40C as my compact variant. Just for kicks, I got it in the black nitride finish.

Set command for viewing environmental variables

Working on folder redirection, or AD issues and it would be helpful to see the current environmental variables?

From a cmd.exe prompt (not powershell) just use:
It will return a bunch of information, typing anything after that would filter down the results, so:
set log
Will show the current logon server.

This works in Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1


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