Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE

I mentioned in my previous review that I'd upgrade to AC once the price dropped. Well, Ubiquiti came out with a new product line, at much lower prices, and I jumped on a UAP-AC-LITE for $89.

Setup is the same as the other ubiquiti, so I won't cover that at all. I will pick up after installation, during the testing process.

The standard program to test network throughput is iperf. You can download it here:

Or just install from repos:
sudo apt-get install iperf3

Ubiquiti Wireless

Ubiquiti is a comparatively young company based in California. They make networking products, and their portfolio is wireless centric.

My primary experience is with their access points. Compared to some of the market leaders, they compare very favorably.

Bittorrent Sync

I've totally stopped using any other file syncing app. No Onedrive, no Google Drive, no Dropbox.

Bit torrent sync is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. It's fast, easy to setup, easy to manage on an ongoing basis, secure, and because it's unlimited and flexible, I'm using it for things that most people wouldn't even thing of.

We use it at work to sync customer's encrypted backups to our site, where an Ubuntu vm puts the backups on a SAN.

Ruger Red Label 30"

I've been wanting an over/under for years. Having two chokes gives you some flexibility in clay games, a quality o/u will last basically forever if cared for, and they are dead nuts reliable.

Webserver changes

My old web server was an Ubuntu 12.04 server, with magnetic storage on Amazon EC2. The times they are a changing, and I had been meaning to update the server for a while. So the new version is an Ubuntu 14.04 server with SSD storage, still on Amazon EC2.

The new base server is quite a bit faster, but besides that, I also decided to switch out my http server as well. I used to use Cherokee, it was faster than Apache, and easy to setup, but it hasn't really seen any growth, and may have actually had it's market share shrink since I last installed it.


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